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VRRA Rule Book


Revised – February 2020

Period 4 Early and Period 5 Addendums

Period 4 Early

Period 5

Tech Inspection Forms


Revision 4 – January 2021 

Endurance Team and Scoring Sheets

Endurance Bike and Team Info (2020)

Endurance Lap Scoring Sheet (2020)


Refund Policy
  • Refunds will be issued by original form of payment after the event completion: no credits or transfers.
  • All requests for refunds must be on this form and sent to the Competition Coordinator.
  • All refund request forms must be received within 5 days of the event completion.
  • Friday practice and endurance are considered as separate event from Saturday / Sunday’s race events.
  • If your request for refund form is received greater than 48 hours before your event start, your fees paid less $50 will be refunded.
  • If your request for refund form is received less than 48 hours before your event start, your entry fees paid less $100 will be refunded and there will be no refund for any prepaid RACE Insurance, Rider Safety Fund or transponder rentals.
  • If your request for refund form is received after the event completion date but within 5 days, there will be a 50% refund of fees paid with a minimum holdback of $150.
  • Once your bike enters the hot pit area or the track there shall be no refunds issued.
  • Any refund requests outside of these terms will be at the discretion of the executive committee.
  • There shall be no refunds due to weather, accidents or other circumstances beyond the control of the VRRA.



Revision 5 – October 2019 

VRRA Constitution

VRRA Constitution

Revised July 2016

VRRA Concussion Protocols

Rowan’s Law (Concussion Safety), 2018, S.O. 2018, c. 1 is intended to promote and enhance safe sport in Ontario through concussion prevention and management.

To support this Act, the VRRA has developed a set of concussion protocols and a code of conduct template. These materials will allow riders under 26 years of age, their parents or their guardians to better understand the signs and symptoms of a concussion and the required interventions, such as removal from sports and acquiring healthcare, to prevent further injury or possible death of concussed athletes.

The VRRA Concussion Code of Conduct must be signed by Riders under 26 years old or by the  Parent or Guardian of any rider under 18

VRRA Concussion Protocol

Word Version

PDF Version

Revision 1 – August 2020 

VRRA Concussion Code of Conduct/Code de Conduite

English Version

English Version

Version Française

Version Française

Revision 1 – August 2020 

Additional resources on concussion awareness are published by the Ontario Government and available in both French and English