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The 2022 season is almost here. Registration is open on Series Tracker for Endurance and Sprint racing and if you are a new rider or simply want to blow off the winter cobwebs, registration for the VRRA Race School is also available. 

All Racers and Crew (16 and over) can now purchase the Gate Tickets online by clicking on the button below. Racer and Crew bands can be picked up at Registration. These bands allow racers and crew in hot pit lane. There are no racer or crew bands available at the gate.

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About the VRRA

The Vintage Road Racing Association is Canada’s classic and vintage road racing organization and is the oldest such organization in North America. It was founded in 1980 by a group of enthusiasts who wanted to get their treasured machines back on the track. Their purpose: to ensure the preservation of historic motorcycles and to maintain the traditions of vintage and classic motorcycle racing in Canada.

The VRRA has grown and flourished in the ensuing years and today actively promotes four events each year to encourage and expand participation in the sport.

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2022 Rules

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Find Your Ride

Do you have an old classic or vintage bike sitting in the garage that you no longer ride? Maybe you still ride it on the street you but you feel unchallenged. You may even have thought of selling it.

Why not bring it to the track?

The VRRA has a class for virtually every motorcycle manufactured from 1930 to 1989, and factory two-stroke Grand Prix race bikes manufactured up to 2006.

We would love to have you race with us!

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VRRA Race Schools

Our race school provides a safe, structured environment to get started. Our experienced instructors will give you an introduction to competitive racing with ample track time to learn and get comfortable. You will discover how race weekends are run and how VRRA events are coordinated.  You will learn how to properly prepare your race bike and how the proper gear will ensure your time spent on the track is safe and fun.

Of course for every rider the highlight of the day is being issued a race license that is recognized by every motorcycle racing organization in North America. 

Member Profile

Ben and Dave are just two fun seekers who share a love for racing. In 2015, Dave needed a new team mate for the Razorback Racing classic sidecar. Although they hadn’t had much previous interaction, Dave kept hearing stories about his nephew Ben going on ‘crazy adventures’ and wondered if he would be interested in pairing up. He sent Ben a long explanatory email which ended with the question – “Do you want to passenger on a sidecar”. The answer was short and typical for Ben – “Yes”

Ben and Dave primarily race in Canada with the VRRA but try to stretch their season by catching a couple of extra race dates per year with ARHMA in the US. Future plans include a busier racing schedule as time and finances allow.

Ben is a rocks mechanic engineer specializing in rock stabilization and currently lives in in Timmins, ON. Dave works as a construction manager and lives in Alexandria, ON.

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