VRRA Awards

Each year the VRRA presents special awards that acknowledge notable accomplishments by our members over the course of the racing season. 

Many of the awards are presented in memory of VRRA alumni who are no longer with us but who worked tirelessly to promote the sport of vintage road racing while some are original awards from major sponsors who have supported road racing in Canada over the years.

Awards are presented at our Annual General Meeting in November.

#1 Plate

The #1 plate is our most prodigious award and is presented to the top VRRA rider each season. Originally decided by member ballot, it is now determined by the Executive Membership and the recipient may display the #1 plate on all their machines for the following season.

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Presidents Award

The Presidents award was established by Phil Mahood, a long time member and early President of VRRA. 

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Roger Beaumont Award

The Roger Beaumont Award was established by Roger’s long time friend and competitor John Davies in his memory.

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Dorman Diesel Award

The Dorman Diesel Award was presented by Kevin Fletcher, a former club President and long time club member.

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Mary McCaw Award

Presented in 2002 memory of Mary McCaw who worked endless hours to support and promote the sport of vintage road racing.

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John McCaw Memorial Award

This Trophy was originally created by Bob Coy in memory of young John McCaw, son of Gary & Mary McCaw.

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Rookie of the Year

Sponsored by VRRA and presented to the the best new rider over the course of a full racing season.

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Sportsman of the Year

Given to the member considered to have exhibited the most Sportsmanlike conduct on behalf of the Club during the year.

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Steve Crover Award

Presented by Ralf Scholtes in memory of Steve Crover and awarded to the series winner of the Period 3 lightweight class.

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Castrol Cup

This trophy was originally presented by Castrol Canada Inc to the winner of the World Superbike race at Mosport Park. 

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Peter Sheppard Trophy

Peter Sheppard presented this Trophy in 2010 to recognize the contribution which women make to the Club. 

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HB Cycle Award

Presented by HB Cycle and Outdoor Centre. Awarded to the series winner of the Period 4 Formula 3 class.

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Period 4 Formula 2 Trophy

Presented by Ray and Jim’s Trophies, Belleville. Awarded to the series winner of the Period 4 F2 class.

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Most Meritorious Award

Created in 2011 and presented to the VRRA member who made a meritorious contribution to the club during the previous year. 

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Best Bent Borrowed Bike Award

Started by Greg McEwen and chosen by the previous year’s winner. Given to the member who spectacularly crashes a borrowed bike

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