Lap Records

Lap Records at a particular circuit are set by class, and are the fastest time recorded in a VRRA event at that facility. For a Lap Record to stand, it must be posted during a race (not in practice or endurance) and the rider must not be subject to disqualification.

  • Shannonville
  • CTMP
  • Calabogie
  • St.Eustache
  • GrandBend
  • Ste-Croix
  • North Bay

P5-F1Jean-marc Bilger0.59.4242020
P5-F2Darrell Cooney0.58.5782020
P4 F1Jamie Bosson0.59.0292020
P4 F2Daniel Rinfret0.58.9852019
P4 F3Dominic Aubry0.58.6032010
P4 ChallengeJamie Bosson0.58.6562020
Vintage GP MidDavid Percival1.01.482013
Vintage GP LightSteve Humphrey1.02.2562013
GP MiddleDarrell Cooney0.58.3782019
Vintage OpenDarrell Cooney0.58.7052020
P3 HeavyMike Macneil01.00.0522020
P3 MiddleFernando Medeiros1.01.7102020
P3 Light Ty Waller1.01.5562019
P3 SidecarDamien Roy1.08.1872019
P2 HeavyMick Vaclavik1.04.1332013
Middleweight ProductionTy Waller1.01.8682019
P2 LightTim Voyer1.04.0852019
P2 Sidecar Matthew Gill01.09.4822020
P1 OpenPaul Brubaker1.04.8442019
P1 500Brian Henderson  1.03.9072008
P1 350Chris Marshal1.06.0492012
P1 250Holly Varey1.07.0562019
P1 200Colin Fearn1.09.6572019
Pre 65 500Brian Henderson  1.03.4152009
Pre 65 350Eric Pritchard1.10.4342020
Pre 50Eric Pritchard1.20.7462020

P5 F1J Bilger1.10.0762021
P5 F2Darrell Cooney1.11.3212021
P4 F1Steve Hoffarth1.11.7342016
P4 F2Eddy Brunet1.13.4782017
P4 F3Louie Raffa1.12.6992016
P4 ChallengeSteve Hoffarth1.11.9212016
Vintage GP HeavySteve Shaw1.28.0372016
Vintage GP MidChris Hurst1.16.3542014
Vintage GP LightEric Quintin1.17.4882017
GP MiddleEddie Brunet1.11.1572014
GP LightSteven Galbraith1.18.9712017
Vintage OpenJ. Bilger1.10.8642021
P3 HeavyMike Macneil1.12.2742022
P3 MiddleTodd Ruston1:15.6002024
P3 LightBill Quail1.17.1282022
P3 SidecarAndrew Roberts1:24.7192024
P2 HeavyMick Vaclavik1.18.9652017
Middleweight ProductionBrent Waller1.19.4402014
P2 LightThomas Canellos1:20.7002024
P2 SidecarTim Joyce1.27.3312017
P1 SidecarMiles Holden1.49.7562014
P1 OpenPaul Brubaker1.21.2762022
P1 500Dean de St-Croix1.18.9572021
P1 350Tim Voyer1.23.0022022
P1 250Eric Pritchard1.25.7872014
P1 200Colin Fearn1.28.3722021
Pre 65 500David Cote1.21.7552017
Pre 65 350Eric Pritchard1.27.0432014
Pre 50Eric Pritchard1.40.8032022

P5-F1Rick Edwards1.55.0202023
P5-F2Rick Edwards1.54.3202023
P4 F1Louie Raffa1.55.3452015
P4 F2Louie Raffa1.57.8722015
P4 F3Louie Raffa1.56.9052015
P4 ChallengeSteve Hoffarth1.59.2692011
Vintage GP MidSteve Brown2.02.4142015
Vintage GP LightEric Quintin2.01.5952017
GP MiddleEddie Brunet1.52.1232015
GP LightDan Willard2.02.0732015
Vintage OpenEddie Brunet1.52.3282015
P3 HeavyMike Macneil1.56.8632023
P3 MiddleTodd Ruston2.02.2422023
P3 LightBill Quail2.01.9752023
P3 SidecarLeslie Skinner2.16.2012023
P2 HeavyBlaise Fougere2.06.2212018
Middleweight ProductionChris Marshall2.06.7142023
P2 LightJason Porter2.07.3252023
P2 SidecarJoe Soles2.18.2912023
P1 SidecarDon Wragg2.32.6922011
P1 OpenPaul Brubaker2.07.8692023
P1 500Brian Henderson2.08.5462011
P1 350Andrew Dornellas2.11.7912015
P1 250Stan Nicholson2.16.1172011
P1 200Brett Sorensen2.39.5402023
Pre 65 500Paul Brubaker2.09.4922011
Pre 65 350Eric Pritchard2.18.1572015
Pre 50Eric Pritchard2.33.8652023

P5 F1J. Bilger1.30.6832021
P5 F2Darrell Cooney1.30.9322021
P4 F1Jamie Bosson1.31.0772021
P4 F2Louie Raffa1.33.5812015
P4 F3Louie Raffa1.34.0792015
P4 ChallengeJamie Bosson1.30.7172021
Vintage GP HeavyNick Ienatsch1.34.0172017
Vintage GP MidJohn Steinke1.36.1132018
Vintage GP Light
GP MiddleRob Massicotte1.30.3712022
GP-LightAngela Hiba1.37.6502022
Vintage OpenJ. Bilger1.29.8372021
P3 HeavyMike Macneil1.33.5972021
P3 MiddleC. Hurst1.37.1762011
P3 LightK. Illg1.35.7842010
P3 SidecarPatrick Duperron1.47.9152019
P2 HeavyD. Crussell1.36.2122011
middleweight productionTyler Waller1.37.2892019
P2 LightD. Crussell1.42.5442011
P2 SidecarDave Minnett1.49.5872019
P1 OpenDoug Forbes1.42.5912022
P1 500David Roper 1.38.8502008
P1 350David Roper 1.46.9282010
P1 250Dean de St-Croix1.49.9832021
P1 200Chris Spargo1.54.2572016
P1 sidecarD. Wragg2.11.4302011
Pre 65 500Paul Brubaker1.43.7252014
Pre 65 350Timothy Tilghman1.52.1192014
Pre 50Peter Reters 1.58.1752015
P5 F1Andrew Cooney2:11.732 2023
P5 F2Andrew Cooney2:11.960 2023
P4 F1Jason Colangelo2.17.0792017
P4 F2Eddy Brunet2.15.2772017
P4 F3Daniel Rinfret2.16.6802018
P4 ChallengePaul Hopkins2.16.2742019
Vintage GP HeavyDave Crussell2.17.8202018
Vintage GP MidJohn Steinke2.19.2122018
Vintage GP LightEric Quinte2.21.6072017
GP MiddleDarrell Cooney2.10.3792017
GP-LightAndrew Dornellas2.27.4702017
Vintage OpenEddy Brunet2.11.5262017
P3 HeavyMike Macneil2:18.959 2023
P3 MiddleTyler Waller2:21.933 2023
P3 LightTyler Waller2:21.775 2023
P3 SidecarMiles Holden2.37.8132017
P2 HeavyDave Crussell2.23.5302018
middleweight productionTyler Waller2.21.3762017
P2 LightJason Bexrud2.33.0312024
P2 SidecarTim Joyce2:43.107 2023
P1 OpenPaul Brubaker2.30.3382017
P1 500David cote2.30.1402017
P1 350Tim Joyce2.33.3722017
P1 250Stan Nicholson2.41.1192019
P1 200Loraine Crussell2.47.7542019
Pre 65 500David cote2.28.4952017
Pre 65 350Eric Pritchard2.56.5582016
Pre 50Chris Ness3.09.1502019
P4 F1Bill Quail 0.51.7202014
P4 F2Louie Raffa0.52.1732014
P4 F3Louie Raffa0.51.6242014
P4 ChallangeBill Quail 0.51.4642014
Vintage GP MidDavid Percival0.53.8462013
Vintage GP LightStacey Nesbitt0.54.8072013
GP MiddleEddy Brunet0.49.8542014
Vintage OpenEddy Brunet0.58.0672015
P3 HeavyDominic Aubry0.53.4882013
P3 MiddleChris Hurst0.55.0452013
P3 LightBrent Waller0.56.0392014
P3 SidecarPierre Rochat1.02.9882013
P2 HeavyDave Roper0.56.5722014
Middleweight ProductionBrent Waller0.56.3882012
P2 LightT. Tilghman0.57.3992012
P2 SidecarDave Minnett/Dale Minnett1.05.5302013
P1 OpenBrian Henderson0.56.7512014
P1 500Brian Henderson0.57.1632011
P1 350Tim Voyer0.59.5962011
P1 250Stan Nicholson1.01.0962013
P1 200Rick Yates1.13.4132013
P1 sidecarMiles Holden1.16.6832014
Pre 65 500Paul Brubaker1.00.5132014
Pre 65 350Jamie Bossom1.00.9512011
Pre 50Dave Roper1.03.8522012

P4 F1Louie Raffa0.55.7802015
P4 F2Louie Raffa0.55.7732015
P4 F3Louie Raffa0.55.1502015
P4 ChallengeBill Quail1.03.6182015
Vintage GP MidMike Heggarty0.57.9332015
Vintage GP LightColin Fearn1.01.5112015
GP MiddleEddie Brunet0.54.5942015
GP-LightDan Willard0.57.9622015
Vintage OpenEddie Brunet0.54.9332015
P3 HeavyTim Ruhl0.58.8992015
P3 MiddleMike Heggarty0.59.0762015
P3 LightTyler Waller0.59.2222015
P3 SidecarPierre Rochat1.06.4892015
P2 HeavyMick Vaclavik0.59.6562015
Middleweight ProductionTyler Waller0.59.6302015
P2 LightStan Nicholson1.03.1322015
P2 SidecarMike Vinten1.08.1032015
P1 OpenDoug Forbes1.01.9802015
P1 500Paul Brubaker1.02.8292015
P1 350Andrew Dornellas1.02.7802015
P1 250Stan Nicholson1.05.8002015
P1 200Rick Yates1.12.2842015
Pre 65 500Paul Brubaker1.01.9182015

P4 F1Jason Colangelo1.27.8452016
P4 F2Jason Colangelo1.27.7742016
P4 F3Tomas Casas1.29.1542016
P4 ChallengeBill Quail1.29.5962016
Vintage GP HwSteve Shaw1.36.9392016
Vintage GP MidPeter Balfour1.37.5492016
Vintage GP LightPatrick Gagnon1.36.3802016
GP MiddleEddy Brunet1.27.3212016
GP-LightNicole Pilkington1.36.5472016
Vintage OpenEddy Brunet1.27.1622016
P3 HeavyTim Ruhl1.31.5602016
P3 MiddleIan Mclintock1.35.1332016
P3 LightDoug Andrich1.36.7742016
P2 HeavyBrad Monk1.37.5162016
Middleweight ProductionTim Voyer1.38.1112016
P2 LightTim Voyer1.39.6052016
P2 SidecarDave Minnett/Ben Ollilla1.47.8022016
P1 OpenDoug Forbes1.40.0742016
P1 500Brad Monk1.39.0692016
P1 350Chris Marshall1.41.6852016
P1 250Gary Mccaw1.45.3342016
P1 200Derek Strange1.52.4002016
Pre 65 500David Cote1.40.8372016

P4 F1Marc Tremblay 0.44.7032010
P4 F2Jody Pearce0.44.5582010
P4 F3Dominic Aubry0.44.5652010
P4 ChallengeSebastien Vachon0.47.3122009
P3 HeavyJ. Darlington 0.50.0932010
P3 MiddleMick Vaclavk 0.47.605 2010
P3 LightBrian Henderson 0.47.0492010
P2 HeavyMick Vaclavk 0.47.606 2010
Middleweight ProductionBrian Henderson 0.47.7912010
P2 LightTim Voyer0.49.8192009
P2 SidecarA. Fairbanks0.55.280 2007
P1 OpenBrian Henderson 0.48.6552010
P1 500Brian Henderson 0.48.5302010
P1 350Michel Roby  0.50.319 0.50.319 2007
P1 250Michel Roby0.50.7472007
P1 200B. Douglas1.05.5002007
Pre 65 500D. Marshal0.56.5342009
Pre 65 350Michel Roby0.52.6682009
Pre 50Neville Miller1.08.5972009
Pre 65 500David cote2.28.4952017
Pre 65 350Eric Pritchard2.56.5582016
Pre 50Chris Ness3.09.1502019
P4 F1Ed Kopeschny1.05.8722010
P4 F2Jody Pearce1.07.0292009
P4 F3Dominic Aubry1.06.2112010
P4 ChallengeColin Duncan1.09.8732011
P3 HeavyTimRuhl1.07.1962010
P3 MiddleG. Morin1.10.2482007
P3 LightLee Newbury1.09.9582009
P2 HeavyMick Vaclavk1.11.0242010
Middleweight ProductionBrian Henderson1.10.7372010
P2 LightTim Voyer1.13.8692009
P2 SidecarRalf Scholtes/Amy Scholtes1.19.5602010
P1 OpenPeter Hurst1.11.6462007
P1 500Brian Henderson1.11.6802008
P1 350Mike Burke1.14.3182007
P1 250Michel Roby1.15.5582009
Pre 65 500Paul Brubaker1.12.1662010
Pre 65 350Michel Roby1.16.9172009
pre 50Neville Miller1.39.9662009
SinglesBrian Henderson1.12.0052009