2022 Endurance Championship

Congratulations to our 2022 Endurance champions and to all the teams that had the stamina and perseverance to make it through 2 hours or racing at each round.

Team Mountain High Racing (#19) won our Lightweight class, Team Ludicrous Speed (#252) were our Middleweight champions and Bill and Kevin’s Excellent Adventure (#711) brought home the Heavyweight trophy. The Modern Lightweight division was won by Team Shouldercheck 2.0 (#113).

The VRRA endurance series is one of the best represented VRRA events. In most of the 2022 events there were 30+ bikes starting on the grid. The key to endurance racing is consistency and completing as many miles as possible. You don’t need the fastest machinery, so if you have a bike that is eligible for any of the VRRA classes why not join us next year. Rules and Endurance Classes can be found in Part C of our Rule Book.

Official results and final standings can be downloaded here…