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VRRA School

Vintage Road Racing Association (VRRA)

Race School May 31st 2018:

The VRRA in conjunction with Racing Associates Canada Events (RACE) will present for 2018, two racing schools.

The VRRA Stage 1 School is intended to instruct riders in the basic skills required for organized road racing competition. Riders who successfully pass this course will be eligible for a VRRA racing membership, and are also eligible to apply for a RACE license. Riders under the age of 18 years at the time of the scheduled school must contact the VRRA to obtain an underage consent form prior to application. There will be on-track sessions for the entire day, coupled with classroom discussions.

The classroom sessions will cover the material required for a racing license. In addition we will cover VRRA race weekend procedures, registration, machine preparation and technical requirements. The on-track sessions will cover racing lines, practice grids and starts, and on-track behavior.

The VRRA Stage 2 School is only open to current VRRA racing members. The school will be presented with four professional racing instructors plus riding marshals, and will be led by our own Eddy Brunet. In addition to his storied professional racing career, Eddy has been teaching professional road racing skills for over 20 years. Working with three other pros, this school will be centered around increased racing skills and on-track tactics to not only make us faster, but also safer.

Sidecar School:

There will be a sidecar school running concurrent with the riders’ school. This is a chance to obtain your credentials to drive a rig or be a passenger. Drivers must supply their own machine. Please complete the riders’ school form and write on the top “Sidecar Driver” or “Sidecar Passenger” and submit as per the instructions. Application forms will be accepted until May 15th.

If you currently have, or are eligible for, a VRRA racing membership you do not need to attend the general part of the classroom training and the fee is $90.00. Full day Sidecar School is $125.00. You will have to attend the sidecar classroom training immediately after the general session and all skid pad and track sessions.

Date and Location:

Thursday, May 31st, 2018 at Shannonville Motorsports Park

Take the 401 East of Belleville, Ontario to the Shannonville exit. Turn right (south) to Hwy # 2. Turn left (east) onto Hwy #2; the track is approximately 6 kilometers on the left (north) side of the highway. If coming from the East. Take 401 West to the Marysville

exit. Go South on Hwy #49 to the junction of Hwy #2 turn right (west), the track is approximately 3 kilometers on the right (north) side.

Stage 1 School will meet at 8:00 a.m. on the fourth floor of the RACE Facilities building. Enter the building through the door near the phone booth.

Stage 2 School will meet at 8:00 a.m. at the Fabi track and building.

Required equipment:

Students must provide a suitable motorcycle for either school. If you are intending to use any vintage racing machine, it must pass a full VRRA tech, no exceptions.

Any modern street machine may be used for the Stage 1 School. The motorcycle does not have to be a vintage bike nor does it have to be race prepared. Any modern street motorcycle will require the following:

– lockwire oil drain plug and oil filter – drain all antifreeze and replace with water only (water wetter accepted)

– All lights and mirrors must be removed and/or taped over – tires must be in good condition – both brakes must be functional and in good condition

Required Rider Gear:

– full leathers either one piece or zip together two piece – leather boots, minimum height of 8 inches from the top of the sole and overlapping the pants – full coverage helmet with face-shield, helmets must be certified by the manufacturer as Snell, BSI 6658 Type A or ECE/22-05 approved and must have a built date no older than 7 years (to the day) – back protection (separate protector or built into leathers)


Stage 1: $225 includes the entire school + $75 for one year VRRA membership (required to be sent separately to the membership secretary) the membership includes one year subscription to Inside Motorcycles

Stage 2: $175.00 includes full day of professional on track racing instruction

Sidecar School: $125.00 full day with classroom, $90.00 skid pad training only (see information above)

Membership requirements:

All selected applicants must apply and pay for a 2018 VRRA membership prior to attending the school. Successful students will receive their racing membership after the school. Stage 2 applicants must already hold a VRRA racing membership in good standing.

Registration Requirements:

We will only accept pre-entry for the schools. Applications will not be accepted at the track.

Stage 1 School is limited to 32 students. If more than 32 riders sign up, a reserve list will be created in case any rider withdraws.

Stage 2 School is limited to 24 students. Strictly first-come first-served.

The schools will operate rain or shine. If we have a full Stage 1 School (32 riders) and for any reason you cannot attend, we will attempt to fill your seat. If the school is not full, no refunds will be considered.

To sign up for the school please follow this link and register on Series Tracker

If you have any further questions, contact the school coordinators:

Dave Minnett  – Phone:  (416) 702 8106 or

Heather  Minnett – Phone  (519) 856-0894 or