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1967 Canadian Grand Prix 50th anniversary


On September 30th 1967 took place the only Canadian Motorcycle Grand Prix

It was a rainy day and Agostini only needed 2nd place to win his second of  eight 500 Grand Prix Championships, Mike Hailwood won the race running away (won by 38 seconds) and actually tied Agostini with 46 points and 5 wins each, but Agostini took (3) 2nd place finishes compared to Hailwood’s 2.  So the championship went to Ago.  Canadian Mike Duff took 3rd place and was the only rider to finish on the same lap as the 2 superstars.   The 500 race was 40 laps and took 73 minutes and 28 seconds to complete in the rain (I know right!!! Crazy stuff) . Best time on wet pavement was a 1.42.700

In the 250 Race, Hailwood won the race 1 full minute ahead of Phil Read and with a best time of 1.36.800 .Notable 4th place was Yvon Duhamel on a Yamaha, the 125 Race was won by Bill Ivy.

You can see the full results of the day HERE.


So this Brings us to August 11th-12th-13th 2017


On August 11th-12th-13th  2017 we will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of that historic event, planned activities are as follow, you will not want to miss this


Saturday special schedule:
Registration 7-8:30
Rider’s Meeting 8:30-9:00
Assembly of P1 67 GP Celebration RACE on grid 9:00-9:30
Anthems  9:30-9:45
P1 67 GP Celebration RACE 9:50-10:10

Celebrity Parade laps 10:30-11:30
Lunch 11:30-12:30
Autograph sessions 12:30 – 5:00
Condensed VRRA Qualifying 12:30-5:00


  • Many invited guests, international and Canadian motorcycle historical figures will be present to celebrate with us, sign autographs and do parade laps.  Here are a few of the confirmed attendees so far:
  1. Michelle Duff (Arter Matchless)
  2. Phil Read
  3. Steve Baker
  4. Rod Gould
  5. Dave Roper (Surtees Special AJS/ Arter)
  6. Richard Chambers
  7. Frank Camillieri
  8. Kurt Liebmann
  9. Henry Hanje
  10. Mendy Radbord
  11. Dave Lloyd
  12. Doug Libby
  13. Duane Mcdaniels
  14. Mike Manley
  15. Fred Guttner
  16. Doug Teague
  17. Ted Henter
  18. Dave Powell
  19. Francis Martin
  20. Frazer McAnnich
  21. Jim Allen
  22. John Pohland
  23. Walt Fulton
  24. Kevin Cameron
  25. Ken Molyneux
  26. Bob Work
  27. Peter Kellond
  28. Charles Mortimer
  29. Ollie Howe
  30. Joe Lachniet
  31. Mike Partrige
  32. Bill Hornblower
  33. Bob Williams
  34. Dan Sorenson
  35. Bill Brown
  36. Murray Brown
  37. Fraser McCannich
  38. Brian Henderson
  39. Don Haddow
  40. Mike Kavanaugh
  41. Jack Peterson
  42. Dave Arnold
  43. Jonathan Finn
  • Over 200 racing participants
  •  Over 300 racing vintage motorcycles
  • 14 races each day
  • Historic riders and machines parade laps
  • Saturday evening rock show
  • Am-Cam Vintage race series points round
  • Motorcycle Concours d’elegance with the CVMG
  • Swap Meet
  • vendors
  • demo rides
  • P1 classes will be highlighted throughout the event
  • Evening Banquet
  • Much More…


Print the poster HERE and display at your office, business or local bike shop