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Membership Forms

The best way to sign up for a VRRA membership or to renew a racing or non racing membership or even sign up for the race school is online thru  Series Tracker , this saves the VRRA volunteers a lot of time and streamlines the whole process.


If you wish to mail in your membership form you can download it here: Membership Form

If you want to join the VRRA or renew your membership as a non racing member go to fill out this form:  2018 membership form. The fee is 40$ and gives you the right to vote on issues concerning the VRRA and you will receive the baffles muffler. You can also

If you want to renew your racing membership fill out this form: 2018 membership form  renewal is 75$

If you want to join the VRRA as a new member with racing experience from a previous school or another racing organization make sure you fill out the proper section where the info is requested on the form.

If you want to join the VRRA as a new racing member without any racing experience or previous school certificate, you will need to enter the VRRA race school on June 1st 2017, the first thing to do is send in the 2018 membership form to the membership secretary.  The next step is to visit our VRRA School page for instructions about entering the VRRA race school.

Yanie Veilleux (Membership Secretary)
570 RG Bellevue
Ste-Victoire de Sorel, Quebec, J0G 1T0