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The Wait is Over



If your ready to get started registering for your 2015 racing season, your wait is over! Welcome to your all new, fully automated VRRA, Series Tracker Registration homepage. Before you get to clicking away, take a few minutes to read through this post as there’s a few things you’ll want to have in mind as you navigate the system.

Firstly, if your one of the many who already have a Series Tracker Rider profile, proceed as normal, and register up a storm! For everyone else, when you click on the link you’ll need to get set up, so lets get started. First, click on the blue link that says “click here to sign up”. This will take you to a page where you will create a username. Pick a username that’s easy for you to remember, as you’ll have it forever…

Remember all the hubbub about the birth date? Here’s where you’ll need it, or the 8-digit code you supplied if you were uncomfortable giving out your birth date. Enter your first and last name as it appears on your current or 2014 VRRA membership card, and your birth date/code in the specified format. Make sure you type in the back-slashes as well as the numbers. If your a current member and for whatever reason, you never got around to supplying that information to us, DO NOT PANIC! Simply type in the birth date: 04/01/2014. The system will find you.

Once that’s completed you will be taken to your brand spanking new rider’s home page, your new home for all things VRRA racing! There are three functions here: edit your user info, your membership info, or register. Don’t put the cart ahead of the horse and try to register first! Click on the user information link, and enter your emergency contacts, team info, and all the way at the bottom, your transponder info. This is also where you’ll edit your password. Again, keep it simple folks…

When your finished there, click to go back to your rider home page, and click on the membership info link. This is where you can edit your actual VRRA membership info. OK, now you can purchase your 2015 membership, and/or register for a race date!

Click on the Road Race link, and off you go. All our events are organized by date. A couple things new: You’ll notice the addition of the Vintage Open challenge format race on Sunday. This is the second race for both P4F1 and Modern GP. It is however open to all VRRA machinery. Also, You’ll see on the three Friday dates the three classes of the new Endurance Series. Rememeber, only the team captain needs to register for the Endurance race.

Once you’re finished registering for a date, or your whole year, click on the checkout button. You’ll be directed to Paypal where you’ll pay for your purchases. If for whatever reason Paypal doesn’t direct you back to your rider home page, don’t worry, you can always just log back in and all your purchases will be saved. The system will automatically email you two very important items: your receipt and release, and a second document containing your tech forms. VERY IMPORTANT: Print these items, and bring them with you to the track! The release is the one and only item you’ll need to bring with you to Registration, other than ID. The tech forms you can fill out, and bring with you to tech. On the release you’ll note two lines near the top for signatures of additional participants. Have your Monkey, or Endurance Series teammates sign the form there. Also, if your racing multiple machines, make sure you print adequate copies of your tech forms. DO NOT FOLD THE TECH FORMS UP LIKE ORIGAMI! One fold is fine, but they need to be stored in a three ring binder, so neater is better… There is also a button on your rider home page to reprint those forms should you need to.

As we get nearer to our race dates, the system will automatically email you the event specific rider information sheets and the schedule, so keep an eye out for those.

That’s really it, now lets get to racing!


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The Vintage Road Racing Association (VRRA), Canada’s classic and vintage roadracing association, was founded in 1980 by a group of enthusiasts who just wanted to get their treasured machines back on the track. Their avowed purpose: to ensure the preservation of racing motorcycles and to maintain the traditions of racing vintage, and now classic motorcycles in Canada.

The Association has grown and flourished in the ensuing years and now actively promotes four racing events to encourage and expand participation in the sport. The VRRA is the only motorcycle association in Canada devoted solely to classic and vintage road racing – encompassing 1940s to 1980s machines – and is the oldest such organization in North America.

The spirit and tradition of club racing are the heart of the association. Members share a strong sense of competition and camaraderie; often entire families are involved. Competitors range from 16 to 75 years of age, all with an active and youthful attitude.

Many members are “budget racers”, riding street-based machines that have been modified for racing. Others are ex-racers professionals and amateurs who like to stay with the bikes they raced so successfully in years past. An award winning newsletter and an excellent web site help new members adapt to this fun and exciting sport.

New racing members who have never raced or who have not raced for ten years are required to take a racing school prior to competing in a VRRA event. New members who have raced previously will require some proof or confirmation of their prior experience.

You don’t have to be a racer to belong to the VRRA. Non-racing members are vital to the long-term success of the club – as event volunteers, mechanics, bike builders and owners, scoring and timers, tech inspectors, grid workers, marshals and fans.