1999 Endurance Race, Shannonville

1 127 Zig Zag Racing Locksmith Technonogy Zenon Tutko 47 1969 CB350
P2     Ultimate Cycle Piero Zambotti   Honda
2 252 Woodof Shouldof Woods Welding Peter Sheppard 46 CB350 
P1 Couldof Brent Wood Honda
        John Cooper    
3 88 Write On Racing Inside Motorcycles Steve Bond 45 1973 350 S2
P2     Norms Fix It Shop Larry Tate   Kawasaki
4 228 Haroos Sport WolfByte Software Andy DeRoos 44 RD350
P3 Darren DeRoos Yamaha
        Tim Harris    
5 998 Almost Ready Racing   John Mulligan 43 KZ1000
P3 Ralf Sholtes Kawasaki
        Gary Rivet    
6 117 Team HB Cycle HB Cycle Lindsay John Crossley 38 CB350 
P1 Dave Willerton Honda
        Michael Francis    
7 261 Warren Racing Auld Dubliner Irish Pub Bob Warren 33 250
P1 Joe Rankin Ducati
        Paul Lethridge    
8 778 Team Oil Can   Earnie Olivo 13 RD350
P3       Dave Jones   Yamaha
9 431 Rusty Nuts   Glenn Thompson 11 RD350
P3 Eugene Stewart Yamaha
        Densel Lilley    
10 815 Team Understanding   Mike Heggarty DNS  
    Wife   Rick Covello    
11 983 Team Hoser Bavarian Motorsports Bob Whittleton DNS  
  Doug Forbes BMW
        Frank Graham    
12 106 Army of Lardness   Bob Beale DISQ KZ1000
  Ken Livingstone Kawasaki
        Steve Loeffer    
13 1 Price is Right Racing   Fergus Warwick WD KZ1000
        Greg Cox   Kawasaki
There were 7 machines running at the end of the race.
This race was run at Shannonville on the Long Track.
The race ended at 1 hour 55minutes on a red flag.
One team was disqualified by protest for an ineligible machine.
One team withdrew their entry at the end of the race.